Introducing DHN,
the Dohrnii
ecosystem token


The mission of Dohrnii is to become an end-to-end investment solution for the crypto market for beginners and seasoned traders alike.

Dohrnii utilizes big data and a bundle of complex AI-based algorithms to give crypto traders access to advanced market insight and to achieve high degree of efficiency in their investment workflows.

We want to enable crypto traders to make better decisions and to achieve superior investment outcomes.

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Phase 1: Financial Empowerment

The first phase of the project will focus on bringing insights and knowledge to the users.

The platform will support users by teaching them the main concepts behind the industry. Completing lessons will grant DHN rewards.

The platform will also give users powerful AI alerts and notifications ahead of market moves.

Financial Education

The “Learn” section will allow users to learn about the cryptocurrency industry and different investment strategies.

Financial Strategy

Dohrnii will assist investors with advanced token insights and AI powered alerts, giving them an edge over the rest of the market.

Phase 2: Decentralizaton

The second phase of the project will bring an essential aspect to the platform: the ability for users to implement their trading strategies using a decentralised exchange.

This phase will also see the network get decentralised as LPs, nodes and validators get introduced to the protocol.

Liquidity Providers

LPs will provide liquidity pools and will be rewarded with fees and DHN tokens.

DHN Holders

DHN tokens can be staked to participate in the governance mechanism.

Burning of tokens

The Dohrnii Foundation will burn their DHN reserves in Phase 2.

Phase 3: Open Source Protocol

In the final phase of the project, the foundation will decentralise the algorithms and open source their protocol.

Nodes and validators will be providing CPU to run the algorithm and get rewarded in DHN.

Validators will be able to stake their DHN to get governance rights on the protocol and algorithms

The Dohrnii token

DHN is a deflationary currency with limited supply ensuring token value appreciation across time.

Token distribution








372.000.000 DHN

Max supply


In circulation



Funds distribution









Deflationary token

Unsold tokens are burned


15% of total supply

to be burned

5% of fees

to be burned

Utility use case

DHN Tokens are the key to access the different artificial intelligence modules.

DHN are used to pay for algorithm trading fees

DHN tokens can be staked to participate in the network fee collection and protocol


The Dohrnii Foundation will use its DHN reserve to reward users as they learn and achieve milestones in their education courses, effectively paying their users for to learn about the crypto industry

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